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Eastertide and all that.

“Easter is a season.”   If you’ve been around the church for a while, my guess is that you’ve heard that more than once- from the pulpit, in the parish newsletter, or on a Facebook page. (I’m pretty sure I’m guilty on that last one.)   Easter is a season-  that lasts 50 days.  50 […]

winding up

    Day Three of our Anti-Racism training with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond ended with a service of Holy Eucharist and hopes that our time today was not spent winding up the work, but, really, winding up… for more work and change and hope and reconciliation in our diocese as we work […]

In process. Day two anti-racism training

image by NotChris  @ Zazzle.com It’s difficult, if not nearly impossible to process, condense and put seven hours of training into one neat blog entry that does justice to the depth and breadth of the material presented, the associated new learning and the affective response.   Difficult and nearly impossible haven’t stopped me yet.   […]

in process

  image by NotChris @ Zazzle.com   Dear readers of the On The Way blog- I am attending a three day anti-racism training conducted by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (http://pisab.org) here in State College with 27 other Episcopalians from our diocese.  This training has been made possible by the prayerful discernment of our […]

a picture is worth a thousand words. refreshed diocesan icon.

  A picture is worth a thousand words.   The history of Christian iconography is rich.  The use of symbols to represent theological ideas is an art form all its own, and a part of our tradition that extends to the earliest days of Christianity when symbols were often used to assist in “translating” bible […]

Good Friday

  Detail of a fifth-century ivory miniature of the Crucifixion, held by the British Museum.   The Way of Pain by Wendell Berry, 1980 1. For parents, the only way is hard. We who give life give pain. There is no help. Yet we who give pain give love; by pain we learn the extremity […]

March for (their) Lives

    Here’s why I’m marching tomorrow.   Tomorrow, I will gather at the cathedral with students, parents, clergy and others to assemble for the March for our Lives event at the State House.  We will gather earlier than the noon kick-off time (11:30)  in order to collect ourselves before God and each other and […]


    83.   83 is a number I’ve been living with for about a month since our Canon for Congregational Life and Mission sent it my way.   83.   In school, an 83 is a B.  If you buy that a “C” is “average,” then 83 is “above average.”  [Well. “C” is not […]

parts and pieces

  Disclaimer:  this post is about work specifically related to our diocese in Central Pennsylvania.  Knowing that many of you who enjoy this blog are not from here, bear with me this week as we follow this organizational rabbit trail.  Take what is edifying or applicable to your own place and leave what isn’t.  And […]

the x and the y

  I’m brave enough in this forum to be vulnerable and to admit to the entire internet that back in 9th and 10th grade, I was a chocolate mess, as they say, in math.  My 9th grade Algebra class and my 10th grade geometry class nearly did me in. Earning “Cs” and the “Ds” on […]

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