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new year’s resolutions… or… the 2019 tweak.

It seems that last year I wrote about the custom of making New Year’s Resolutions in this blog. (see here: https://www.diocesecpa.org/blog/2018/01/05/transformation/  )  I am a fan of the annual opportunity for reflection and aspirational goal setting that can result in the crafting of New Year’s Resolutions.  I am not quite as diligent as my seminary […]

our common life

  A holiday thought.   While we are enjoying our various celebrations, please give thanks for those who work through the holiday- some to advance their own livelihood or whose work will not wait, like my farmer-neighbor who was out at 5 AM this morning in his field to get his work done (who knew tractors […]


    I wonder: 1:  If you were asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “not creative at all” and 10 being “super-out-of-this-world-crazy-creative,” where would you place yourself? Take a moment and give yourself a number.   Then, I wonder:   2: if you were asked to rate your […]


  I think it was in the 10thgrade when I filled my bedroom with a half-dozen plastic buckets of pond water, water plants, rocks and lily-pads to conduct a long-term homework project for my Water Ecology class.  My mom really hated the whole idea of this project, and, as I tinkered around adding various amounts […]

Mars, the diocese, and your soul.

  In the aftermath of the Thanksgiving holiday with turkey played in its many variations- sandwiches, casseroles, and soup…  amid the onslaught of the great season of capitalism that has been conveniently packaged for us, now, into Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday… and in the race to wind the string […]


thanksgiving.   for love. for family. for home and hearth. for the Holy Trinity.   Taking this week away from the blog to recharge.  See you back next Friday. Here’s the Collect for Thanksgiving Day from our Book of Common Prayer: Almighty and Gracious Father, we give you thanks for the fruits of the earth […]

blog. log.

Sometimes, a blog is just a log.  A log of what I’ve been up to. Because… you might want to know? (If not, come back for the next entry, to be scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving)   A year ago, almost, (January 1) I started a diary.  I have had diaries and journals through […]

Kingdom Politics

      Be careful what you ask for, I reminded myself,   because, you may actually get it.   Yesterday, on Face Book, I invited suggestions for topics for future blog posts. Coming off of an 8-week series on the Way of Love in which each week’s topic was prescribed in advance, I felt a […]


    this is the final blog post in an eight-week series on the Way of Love. Come back next Friday as the blog continues on all sorts of matters of faith and life. turn.   learn.   pray.   worship.   bless.   go.   rest.      Rest.   If you know me […]


  this blog post is the seventh in a series of eight blog posts about the Way of Love.   For more information about the Way of Love check out www.episcopalchurch.org   turn.   learn.  pray.   worship.   bless.   go.   rest.     Go.   With an open heart and ready to listen. […]

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