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On the Way   The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan

  Dateline: April 4, 2019; Atlanta Airport; Gate C34   People watching is the best. I could do it for hours. Today, I’ve had a few hours to cool my heels in the airport, waiting for a flight home to Harrisburg. Yup, give me a cup of coffee, a big bag of Peanut M&Ms (a […]


  On Wednesday, the staff and I spent the day at St. John’s, Bellefonte, meeting with people from the Altoona Convocation, sharing in Bible Study and lunch together, and participating in a service of Holy Eucharist.  It was a gift- as all of our Staff in Residence Days are-  the fun of taking a road […]


  This blog is the continuation of  a series for Lent in which I am pausing every hour between 5 AM and 8 PM to notice and record the activity of God in my life       This Lent I have decided to re-read Julian of Norwich’s classic tome, Divine Revelations of Love, in which she […]


      This blog is the continuation of a series for Lent in which I am pausing every hour between 5 AM and 8 PM to notice and record the activity of God in my life       6 days X 16 God-sightings per day = 96 + 33 previous sightings (last week’s […]

33/640 God spotting

  33/640   As I sit down to write this- just after 5 AM on Friday, 8 March, it is after having completed 33 points of my 640-point Lenten Project, GOD 640 .   “What is this GOD 640 thing,” you ask?   “I’ve googled it and I can’t find it anywhere.”   GOD 640  isn’t in the google-sphere-  yet. […]

God made manifest

  I’ve always liked the rhythm of the Church year as it is laid out for us in seasons-  Advent, Christmas, Epiphanytide, Lent, etc.  and, as one season nears its end, I find myself looking forward to the next- imagining seasonal projects that I’ll take on, books that I’ll read, and shifts that I will […]


Within the first three minutes of the liturgy of ordination- for deacons and priests- in the Presentation by the sponsors and the opening dialogue between ordinand and bishop, the ordinand pledges obedience to the bishop and loyalty to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of Christ as the Church has received them. (BCP 526, 538.)  In […]

new year’s resolutions… or… the 2019 tweak.

It seems that last year I wrote about the custom of making New Year’s Resolutions in this blog. (see here: https://www.diocesecpa.org/blog/2018/01/05/transformation/  )  I am a fan of the annual opportunity for reflection and aspirational goal setting that can result in the crafting of New Year’s Resolutions.  I am not quite as diligent as my seminary […]

our common life

  A holiday thought.   While we are enjoying our various celebrations, please give thanks for those who work through the holiday- some to advance their own livelihood or whose work will not wait, like my farmer-neighbor who was out at 5 AM this morning in his field to get his work done (who knew tractors […]


    I wonder: 1:  If you were asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “not creative at all” and 10 being “super-out-of-this-world-crazy-creative,” where would you place yourself? Take a moment and give yourself a number.   Then, I wonder:   2: if you were asked to rate your […]

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