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I’m supposed to be in Texas right now.

I’m supposed to be at a meeting of General Convention Legislative Committee Chairs learning how to receive, refine, and process resolutions for my committee, Committee #15, the Legislative Committee on Ministry ( all things related to Title III in our canons) for our upcoming convention in July.

Due to the intricacies of airline schedules,  one flight massively delayed at the beginning of the trip causing the domino effect of missed connections, and very full alternative flights (even on alternative carriers), there was no way to get me to Austin before 3/4 of my meeting had taken place.  Really. No way.  We can send people to the moon, but we can’t get me to Austin in less than 42 hours?  Okay. I would have hoped for a plane ride as a reward for the invasive breast exam that I received by TSA because I left my eyeglasses in my breast pocket when going through the X-ray machine, and the exhausting conversation with the other TSA examiner who  x-rayed my RX breakfast bar for explosive residue and then, handing it back to me commented that she had never tried them because they were “too expensive and she hates dates and almonds…” Yeah, I had thought that after that I might have won a plane ride as an reward, but…. nope.

My Canon for Finance and Operations- and winner of the really good guy award- picked me up and took me back to my house.


Sometimes, things just work out.


I came home to a husband on his usual all-day conference calls in his office upstairs, and our two brand new kitties (we got them on Wednesday night)  who are so tiny that they are being bottle fed every four hours.  I got to sit on the cool tile floor of the extra bathroom where we have corralled the kitties.  I fed them and let them crawl all over me and listened to their tiny mewing.  There is scientific research that says that owning pets reduces one’s blood pressure.  I understand how that could be, after a few minutes with these kitties.

I set up shop in the  living room with the kitties snoozing in their cat bed at my feet, and did all of the work thatI was prepared to do at 30,000 feet in the air. I read  canons and reviewed resolutions for 4 hours.

Late in the afternoon, a college roommate of my husband’s dropped by, en route from Pittsburgh to Philly.  We hadn’t seen her since last year, and it was just so great that I was home to visit with her, if only for a half hour before she got on the road again.

We had dinner- “everything-in-the-refrigerator-salad”- and it was delicious and unplanned.

We fed the kitties one last time, secured them in their temporary holding pen in the upstairs guest bathroom,  and went to bed.

Today I’ll either Skype into the meeting or join by telephone.  It’s not the same as being there, but I’ll get the gist of it.  And, I’ll get to learn about receiving, refining and processing resolutions and the legislative process with two tiny kitties on my lap. Not so bad.


2 thoughts on “nope”

  1. Suzan McGary says:

    During children’s time at our service last Sunday, Fr. Ken had a half full pitcher of water and was talking to the kids about appreciating the positive in a given situation (half full vs half empty). The example he gave was an outdoor birthday party interrupted by rain. What could be some “half full” versions of this situation? The kids responded with “we could go inside and play on the computer or watch a movie,” and things along those lines. Until one child, after a lot of quiet deliberation, said “You could put the pitcher outside and the rain would fill it up.” It struck me that that was quite true and I thought about how much kinder life would feel if I allowed the rain to fill up my pitcher more often. Enjoy the kitties and today’s rain. Peace to you.

  2. Audrey Scanlan says:

    Suzan- Thanks for this, I LOVE it! Years ago, I gave a glass to my Senior Warden for Christmas- it had a line painted in the middle of it. She was such a “glass half full” person and I treasured her for it! I love the idea of the rain filling the pitcher- a “make lemonade out of lemons” moment. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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