Environmental Theology, Part III

The Rev. Linda Watkins, rector of St. Mary's, Waynesboro, speaks about environmental justice in this, the third of four episodes on environmental theology.

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Discussion/Reflection Questions

  1. Reflect on the Sacrament of Baptism (BCP p. 299), especially the Prayer for the Thanksgiving over the Water (BCP p. 306). Share stores of you own Baptism, if you remember it, or perhaps a Baptism in which you have participated and how that was meaningful. How has water or lack of water been important in your life? You might also recall passages in the Bible in which water is significant and reflect together on their meaning.
  2. What does it mean to “respect the dignity of every human being”? Talk about how this includes access to food, water, air and land.
  3. Share your experiences of pollution, of experiencing environmental injustice in poor or marginalized communities.
  4. Reflect together on any of the following Bible passages. What do they say about Justice? How do they call us as Christians to live “justly”?

James 1:27

Proverbs 29:7

James 2:1-13

Matthew 23:23

James 3:10-18

James 4:8

Matthew 9:35-38

Acts 3-4; 5:12-16

Amos 8:1-12

Amos 5:18-24

Micah 6:1-8

1 Kings 21:1-10


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