Diocesan Prayer List

Remember in Your Prayers ...

Prayers are requested for Kathryn Grossman (The Rev. John Harwood's wife) as she recovers from surgery.

Please pray for Kathy Kensinger.

Prayers are requested for the family of The Rev. Robin Jarrell.

Please pray for The Rev. Patrick Strohl, Deacon.

Prayers are requested for David Miron.

Please pray for The Rev. Fred Stevenson.

Prayers are requested for The Rev. Robert Schiesler. St Lukes, Mechanicsburg, PA. 

Please pray for The Rev. Canon David Robson, St. Andrew's, York.  

Prayers are requested for Harry and Gail Knisley.

Please pray for Dorothy Uhrich, 92, who is in the hospital. Dorothy is the mother of The Rev. Carole Mease a Deacon in the Diocese.

Prayers are requested for the Berndt family of St. Luke’s, Altoona, and their infant son Cowan who continues to experience seizures.

Please pray for The Rt. Rev. Charlie McNutt and his wife, Alice.  Bishop McNutt has recently been given a diagnosis of dementia.

Prayers are requested for The Rev. Peter Stanton.