Fall UTO Ingathering

Alyce Peiffer, UTO Coordinator
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little blue boxTraditionally we have two Ingatherings a year - spring & fall.  To all of you that sent a check in support of the UTO spring ingathering – THANK YOU!  If your parish was one of those who did NOT collect funds for UTO in the spring, please consider being part of the giving process in the fall.   NOW is the time to begin planning for the Fall Ingathering.  The suggested date for the Fall Ingathering is the Sunday closest to All Saints Day and this year that is November 2, 2014.

Start to plan NOW!

Be sure all families and/or individuals in your parish have their “Little Blue Box”. This is a wonderful project to involve the children and youth of your parish.  Adding coins to their Little Blue Box teaches everyone to be thankful for all their blessings and serves as a constant reminder that God is always with us. 

All supplies are available on the UTO website.  I have a supply of the Little Blue Boxes available for a donation toward the shipping cost, and this may be more cost effective when ordering boxes rather than trying to order a small supply on-line since shipping from National is fairly expensive.  Please feel free to call (717-741-2476) or e-mail me if interested. 

A reminder in your parish newsletter would be a wonderful communication tool. (and did you realize since most of these newsletters come out monthly you only have two(2) months {October and November} to send a reminder this way).  Sunday Bulletins can also be a helpful tool. Some suggestions:  “School has begun. Give thanks for teachers and volunteers, and the students they serve.  Remember your thanks with an offering in your Blue Box.”  “Turn, turn, turn… To everything there is a season.. Ecclesiastes 1:1.  Give thanks for the blessings and challenges brought by the coming if autumn.  Remember your gratefulness with coins in your Blue Box.”     A gentle, but regular reminder helps everyone remember to use the Little Blue Box sitting on their counter or table. 

Every penny collected from the Little Blue Boxes is used to fulfill grant requests.  No part of these funds are used for administrative purposes.  Grants support projects to confront violence and poverty in many communities both here in the U.S. and throughout the Anglican Communion.

ALL contributions should be sent to:

                Alyce Peiffer, UTO Coordinator  63 E. Crestlyn Drive, York, PA 17402

                Make checks payable to:  Diocese of Central PA/UTO

Please forward all donations as soon as possible to Alyce Peiffer at the above address so your parish gets credited for their donation as well as the money being part of the 2015 granting process.  December 1st is the deadline to meet these goals.

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