"Drawing on  insights, models, and tools from the fields of Organization Development, Congregational Development, and the Missional Church movement, this course is designed to help the leader think strategically about, and engage with, their community and their church as they strive to discern and join in the mission of God."

Through required reading and assignments, class discussions, class meetings and video conferences, participants will learn about the unique gifts that can be found in small churches.  Stories of small church success and failure will be shared in the form of case studies.  This course is focused on vestry and warden leadership.  Teams from parishes are encouraged to engage in this learning together.

Over the course of five online lectures, discussions and assignments, students will learn about:

1. important teachers of Christian spirituality

2. five main streams of Christian spirituality

3. spiritual disciplines that can change our lives

4. everyday techniques for Christian spiritual practice

5. commitment to Christian spiritual living through a Rule of Life