The Bishop Dean T. Stevenson Diocesan School for Ministry

We are a learning community forming lay and ordained leadership for the church of today and the future.

Vision and Mission: To make theological formation accessible to all in order to strengthen the Christian community and develop new leadership skills for mission and ministry in the 21st-century culture of Central Pennsylvania.



The Stevenson School for Ministry is an on line-hybrid education and formation opportunity to grow in faith and leadership.  Established in
2014 following a 25-year diaconal certificate program in the Diocese, SSFM has grown to serve three diocese in their vocational development needs, in
continuing education and above all to develop learning communities to deepen faith and mission.  Our mission is to form lifelong leaders and
disciples through academic and practical studies that leads toward a maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for
lives of service, and reconciliation in church and society.

Student reflection on the Stevenson School

Michael Nailor, secretary of the SSFM Board

Student reflection on the Stevenson School

Kevin Barron, co-Chair of the eliminating racism task force and student

Questions? Please contact the Rev. Canon Robyn Szoke-Coolidge, Dean of The Bishop Dean T. Stevenson Diocesan School for Ministry.

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Why join this Bible Challenge? - Scripture has something to say to us: "How do we 'talk' with the Bible? To contemplate doing so requires us to think of voices of scripture, voices that very much want to talk with us, want us to hear them, want us to be shaped and formed through the process of listening and taking them seriously." – Dr. Donn Morgan in Talking with the Bible  CLICK HERE


Read A Book Together Why read a book together? -

It doesn’t take an expert to lead a book discussion, because we all share the responsibility of reflecting on the text and discussing how it might affect our lives - It gives everyone a common language and story that can help us discuss difficult issues and work together in the future - The book chosen can draw an interesting group of people together who might not otherwise enter into a deep discussion together - A book brings outside wisdom and experience into your congregation.

Do an art project together - Intergenerational ideas for your Wednesday soup and prayer events.  Consider a variety of ways to engage the stories of Lent and have an art response. CLICK HEREFaith and Wonder


Useful Documents:

Vocational Formation Deacon

Vocational Formation Priesthood

Vocational Process Reports - Transcript Form